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Youtube JP prank videos

Please do not do this when you are near a drink that can spill over you or have something important to go to do. This will make you waste considerable time, but nearly all of it laughing.

Someone at work mentioned an amazing prank that involved a porta-potty in a park being reconfigured so that it then eventually opened into into a meeting in progress. That lead to a whole series of pranks that this Japanese TV show carries out.

None of these I suspect would be possible anywhere in the US. Even then, someone suing for a considerable amount of money is a given.

Redfin is profitable

Among the many things recently that I've found very surprising, some real estate agents refuse to work with you (aka show their listings) if you indicate that you found their listing on Redfin. How self defeating can you get? There's a 3% of profit out there if you take the trouble to show homes to people who are interested in them. If you don't, someone will eat your lunch for you.

I sometimes wish I could post up a list of agents who gave me a tirade on why the Internet Is Bad for their business and how I'm a horrible person for using Redfin. For a moment, consider this: you are the seller and your (friend/buddy/colleague) tells you that your agent just spoke to a prospective buyer in that manner. What do you think is likely to happen? Do you really want to do that?

I'm thrilled with Redfin, I couldn't find a smarter, better and well thought out site. I'm also thrilled about the announcement that Redfin is profitable. I liked their seminars, they were clever and pointed out why working with them is good; but didn't act all clingy and creepy and force you to work with them. I think this techcrunch is dead on here, if I was in the traditional real estate industry, I'd be shuddering as well.

3 days to the Palm Pre

If history is anything to go by, then in about 3-6 months, the initial kinks get worked out and the price gets a little bit more realistic.

My old Treo 680 is steadily going downhill (battery charging for a start). I suspect I might just have to go to a iPhone if there is no unlocked GSM option (I'm on ATT) for the Pre.

Admittedly, I've never even turned on the iPod I got after Panama, so the Apple gadget fear runs deep....

Interesting Election results coverage

After much work, I tried to get NDTV Live to watch the election results (mostly due to old memories of elections with Prannoy Roy). Perhaps it's me, but the older NDTV appeared much more professional, cool and sophisticated. Perhaps, it's just that I've gotten older and I can see how they are making mistakes or it's just that they just prefer to interrupt people all the time now....

The other interesting point was that this election was the first one after the census based delimitation exercise. The first elections for "urban" India (yes, I know that some of my friends will get after me, India still lives in it's villages, but the shift is well underway). The most compelling data point for me is that the national parties are back. All talk of elections being local and nothing else, split, narrow  and parochial are rather unfounded.

You know you have it good when...

the work cappuccino machine has a "South Indian coffee" setting. I expect my coffee intake to skyrocket.

In other news, I'm in Bangalore for a super short visit.


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