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The email deluge never reduces

It's surprising, but no sooner do you get an email id and the information flow is immense. If you take a few days away from working and beating down the email fire hose, it can flood back. This series of articles talk about Inbox Zero, an idea that has resonated with me:

You have no control over the world’s demands on your time and attention, yet you are the single person who has any choice over how you deal with it.

If you also deal with large amounts of email at work or otherwise, these articles are an interesting read.


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Nov. 5th, 2008 08:57 am (UTC)
My largest achievement was to learn to relax knowing that I have unread email, which will never be read. I have filters for emails from important vectors, or those directed specifically at me. I also watch out for when people who I know to read more email than me get excited about something.

Any other mailbox management technique seems to take significantly more of my time.
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